Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

Lecture Notes

AT Boothroyd Neutron Properties

AT Boothroyd Neutron Theory

DS Sivia Fourier Transforms

JR Stewart Practical Scattering

K. Andersen Neutron Sources

K. Andersen Neutron Sources 2

SF Parker Neutron Sources

P Henry Crystalline Diffraction

GH Lander Phonons

SJ Clarke Chemical Applications

G Cuello Non-Crystalline

R Senesi Deep Inelastic

N Qureshi Neutrons and X-rays in Magnetism

N Qureshi Magnetic Structure Refinement

N Qureshi Diffraction from Magnetic Materials

K Edkins Wide Angle Scattering

V Garcia-Sakai Writing Proposals

JRP Webster Neutron Reflectivity

N Kardjilov Neutron Imaging

A Faraone QENS in Soft Matter

A Faraone Diffusion in Solids and Liquids

G Nilsen Polarized Neutrons

B Lake Local and Long Range Magnetic Excitations

B Lake Measuring Spin Waves

R Ewings Spinwaves

K Edler Small Angle Scattering

S Langridge Nanomagnetism

C Frost Chip Irradiation

K Refson The Power of DFT

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