Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

Lecture Notes

AT Boothroyd Introductory Theory

JR Stewart Practical Scattering

AT Boothroyd Neutron Properties

SJ Clarke Chemical Applications

K Edkins Wide Angle Scattering

L Clark Diffraction

L Clark Structure Refinement

G Fragneto Interfaces

G Nilsen Polarised Neutrons

D Sivia Fourier Transforms

M Janoschek Instrumentation

G Romanelli Neutron Compton Scattering

N Kardjilov Neutron Imaging

S Parker INS

C Alba-Simeonesco Dynamics in solids and liquids

C Alba-Simeonesco Dynamics of Soft Matter

S U Egelhaaf Diffraction from non-crystalline

J Voigt Neutron Sources

S Langridge Nanomagnetism

A Vasileiou Engineering

A J Jackson Density-Functional Theory

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