Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

Lecture Notes

K. Andersen Neutron Sources

K. Andersen Neutron Instrumentation

E. Blackburn Excitations

AT Boothroyd Scattering Theory

W Bouwman SESANS

S Clarke Chem Apps 2

L Clifton Isotopic Contrast

K Edler SANS

P Fouquet Neutron Spin Echo

V Garcia-Sakai QENS

V Garcia-Sakai Writing Proposals

A Goodwin Total Scattering

A Harrison Neutrons & X-rays

M Johnson Chem Apps 1

M Johnson Comp Techniques

N Kardjilov Imaging

GH Lander The Neutron

GH Lander Evening Lecture A video of the talk given at ILL can be found here.

S Langridge Reflectometry

G Nilsen Polarized Neutron Scattering 

SF Parker Vibrational Spectroscopy

M Preuss Engineering

N Qureshi Diffraction

DS Sivia Fourier Transforms

AK Soper Disordered Materials  

R Stewart Practical Neutrons

A Wildes Magnetic Scattering

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