17th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

5 - 15 September 2022

An ideal introduction to the theory, techniques and
applications of neutron scattering

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History of the Oxford and Harwell Schools on Neutron Scattering

Gerry Lander has written a tribute to Terry Willis, the founder of the Harwell and Oxford Schools, which can be downloaded here.

Here are some photos from previous Oxford / Harwell Schools 

OSNS 2019
Oxford School 2019

OSNS 2017
Oxford School 2017

OSNS 2015
Oxford School 2015

OSNS 2013
Oxford School 2013

Oxford School 2011

Oxford School 2007

OSNS 2005
Oxford School, 2005

Elisa Wheeler, Andrew Walters. Stephen Boag, Gøran Nilsen, Christy Kinane, Clare Leavey, Ray Fan, Susanna Teixeira, Russell Ewings, Duc Le, Jonathan Morris, Emma Barney, Antonella Scherillo, Anita Zeidler, Markos Skoulatos, ...

OSNS 2001
Oxford School, 2001
Front row, left to right,
Pascale Deen, Alessandra Gianasi, Xualian Xu, Helen Thompson, B T M Willis, Lynne Thomas, Anna Lashtabeg, Malgorzata Wawrzyniak, Rena Margiolaki
2nd row, left to right
Erik Schooneveld, Stefan Egelhaaf, Alberto Albinati, Michael Probert, Simon Lee, Gerry Lander, Amber Thompson, Vinesh Bondah-Jagalu
3rd row, left to right
Peter Georgiev, Tom Huberman, Klaus Lieutenant, Tom Fennell, Alberto Botti, Christoph Hoerentrup, Alessandro Isopo
4th row, left to right
Robin Boothby, Berkan Belin, Jonathan Cruickshank, Robert Hughes, Jian Liu, Anthony Williams, John Bradley
Back row, left to right
Chick Wilson, Steve Parnell, Roger Eccleston

Oxford School, 1995
Identified people are:
Stewart Parker (top, 2nd from left), Andrew Taylor (top, 4th from left), Jacqui Cole (top, 7th from left), Steve Bennington (top, 3rd from right), Karen Edler (top, 2nd from right), Colin Carlile (bottom, 3rd from right), Klaus Habicht (bottom, 8th from right), Stuart Campbell (bottom, 4th from left), Trefor Roberts (bottom, left)

OSNS 1991

Oxford School, 1991
Identified people are:
Sean Langridge (bottom, 4th from left), Andrew Wildes (bottom, 3rd from right), Bruce Forsyth (bottom, 2nd from right), Colin Carlile (bottom, right), David Martin (2nd row, 5th from right), Mike Johnson (2nd row, right), Alan Soper (back row, left), Uschi Steigenberger (back row, 2nd from right)

Oxford School, 1986
Identified people are:
Brian Rainford (far right), Bob Cywinski (2nd right), Richard Heenan (top, 2nd right), Spencer Howells (top, 3rd from left)Ray Osborn (top, 2nd from left), Don Paul (top, left), Alan Soper (2nd row, right), Sue Kilcoyne (2nd row, 3rd right), Steve King (2nd row, 4th right), Toby Perring (2nd row, 6th right), Des McMorrow (3rd row, 6th right), Andrew Boothroyd (3rd row, 2nd left), Steve Bennington (bottom, 4th right)

Harwell Summer School 1979

Harwell Summer School 1979
Identified people are:
Front row:
Ray Osborn (left) , P. Hall, K. Gallagher, M Ricci (4th from left) , Terry Willis (5th from left) , Paula Bosi (6th), Z Sayers, Rob Robinson - Director, Bragg Institute, ANSTO (right)
Middle row:
E.A. Matthews, N.A. Hewish, M.Y. Norton, S. Kraemmer, Andrew Allen (5th from left), Jürg Schefer (middle row, 5th from Right) G. Janeschitz, W. Knop, Upali ("Jazz") Jayasoouriya , Don Kearley (2nd from right) , D. Gregson
Back row:
Tony Horsewill (left), A.K. Livesey, Kevin Knowles (3rd from left), S. Hammerschied, H. Savage, D. Noreus, Roger Highfield (2nd from right), Peter G Schnabel (right)

Harwell Summer School 1974

Harwell Summer School 1974
Identified people are:
front row:
Terry Willis (8th from left) , Alberto Albinati (8th from right) , Gordon Squires (7th from right), Tony Cheetham FRS (4th from right)
Middle row:
Noor Butt (right) , M. Moore (6th from left), 2nd from right could be Alan Chadwick (Kent), 3rd from right, Alan Turnbull FRS (NPL)  one of Alan Leadbetter’s early students
Top row:
P. Suortti (3rd from left) , Alan Soper (right)

Harwell Summer School 1972

Harwell Summer School 1972
Identified people are:
front row:
Alan Wedgewood (left) , B Schoenberg (5th from left) , F Rustichelli (6th from left) , Ray Lowde (7th from left) , Colin Windsor (10th from left) , John White (6th from right)  - future ILL director, 2nd left Mizan Chowdhury (Birmingham), 6th from left Franco Rusticelli, then Ray Lowde, 10th & 14th Colin Windsor and John White. Phil Gamlen (1st from right), Michael Harriman (2nd from right), Diane Armytage (3rd from right), Nigel Brown (4th from right).
2nd row
Mike Johnson (7th from right) , Ron Ghosh (2nd left), Mike Hutchings (3rd left), Steven Lovesey (5th left).  Alan Turnbull, Pete Smith & Tony Hedge (2nd , 3rd & 4th from right), David Worcester (5th right), Bruce Tofield (8th right), 9th right Rusty Harris. John Dore (10th right), John Reichelt (16th right), Robin ? (17th right), Allan Rodgers (19th right), Walter Kley (21st right), Stephen Lovesey (24th right), John Hayter (25th right), Graeme Jenkin (28th right or 1st left), John Twistleton (end of row right) JWW group at Oxford PCL
back row
2nd left Clive Wilkinson, 3rd left Frances Temme (Bristol), 4th Andrew Taylor, 5th Roger Cowley, 6th Turbeyfield ?, 7th Brian Rainford, 10th John ?, Kent, 11th John Tomkinson, Durham, Spiros Messoloras, Reading (3rd right)

Harwell Summer School 1970

front row, left to right:
P A Reynolds, D Hall, Alan Leadbetter (future ILL Science director and Head of ISIS), P Thomas, Tony Cheetham FRS, D I Paye, Jack Powers, G C Stirling, M M Elcombe, Terry Willis, J K Kjems, Colin Windsor, Hartmut Fuess, G Schmid, Stuart Pawley, David Winfield, D Litchinsky, A Apling
2nd row, left to right:
H Meister, A M Muhssin, K Krebs, W T Kwo, Colin Carlile (future ILL director and ESS Director), M J Sprague, B Farnoux, J Yerkess, J Torbet, K J Gallacher, L Kryger, M R Chowdhury, D G Hunt, G D Wignall, J H L Birchall, G R Harmer, A G Goodyear, N Webb, K Bauer, M A Hooper, Adrian Wright
3rd row, left to right:
P H Siddal, A Tippe, E Roudaut, J C Dore, A Simkin, C J Gilmore, D Peace, R A Pethrick, S R Jones, G Jannick, C Infacnte, M B M Harryman, C D Clark, R J R Miller, Roger Stewart, P Vorderwisch, Michael Steiner (future scientific director of the Hahn-Meitner Institute in Berlin and ENSA Chairman), Gavin Williams, B J Palmer

Harwell Summer School 1968
Identified people are:
front row, left to right:
P Papamenterlos, J A K Duckworth, E A Yeats, R A Young, B Dawson, C Johnson, G Cagliotti, P Coppens, S C Abrahams, Terry Willis, Charles Coulson FRS, Peter Ewald FRS, George Bacon, Jane Brown, Martin Cooper,K C Turberfield, A F Andersen, J C Speakman, J L Cox, P Welford, H Gamari-Seale
2nd row:
1st and 2nd Peter Webster (Salford), Keith Ross (Birmingham), B Schoenborn, Keith Rouse, P Jones, M Rogers, R J R Miller, W C H Alston, J H Katz, David Winfield, F R Thornley, Z Barnea, F Zigan, M J Yessik, J Moss, A M Afif, J O Burgman, G W Cox, J R Ravenhill, A C McDonald, P J Webster, J G Booth, J S Plant
3rd row:
D P Treble, J Yerkess, S J Campbell, S J Wright, S Wild, W Roberts, J A Veltze, F Rossitto, D H Day, J Trotter, R Harris, S W Jones, B C Tofield, A Jacobson, F K Larsen, A R Burne, R Jude, M Roudaut, Stuart Pawley, A Whitaker, S K Sikka, J Osterlof


Harwell Summer School 1966
Identified people are:
bottom row:
Terry Willis (6th from left), George Bacon (7th from left), Noor Butt (4th from right)
2nd row:
Adrian Wright (3rd from left), Mike Hutchings (3rd from right)
3rd row:
Martin Cooper (1st left), Brian Rainford (3rd from left), Hartmut Fuess (4th from left), Richard Nelmes (6th from left)Mogens Lehman (6th from right)

If you can identify people in the old Harwell Summer School Photos, then let us know at osns@stfc.ac.uk

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