18th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering

3 - 13 September 2024

An ideal introduction to the theory, techniques and
applications of neutron scattering

Lecturers Week 1

Andrew Boothroyd Oxford
Ross Stewart ISIS
Victoria Garcia Sakai ISIS
Lucy Clark Birmingham
Wim Bouwman Delft

Lecturers Week 2

Roger Johnson UCL
Andrew Seel ISIS
Karen Edler Lund
Kathi Edkins Strathclyde
Bob Cubitt ILL
Stewart Parker ISIS
Lina Quintieri ISIS
David Voneshen ISIS
Andrew Wildes ILL
Fabrizia Foglia UCL
Nikolay Kardjilov HZB
Thorsten Hesjedal Oxford
Stuart Clarke Cambridge
Jeff Armstrong ISIS
Adam Jackson RAL, SCD
Anastasia Vasileiou Manchester

Evening Lecturers

Gerry Lander ILL
Stuart Clarke Cambridge
Chris Frost ISIS

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